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HERBARIUM mirror-light


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Surveillance information

Mirror-Light ‘Herbariumas’ invites a person to not only be an observer but also a partaker in the creation. It depicts various plants whose combination resembles a harmonizing plant mandala, where the strength of an oak, the abundance and fertility of an apple tree, the sweetness and bitterness of a dandelion, the flexibility of a fern, the beauty of a deadnettle, the vitality of a nettle, and the tranquility of a chamomile come together. These plants, revolving within a single circle and interacting with each other, utilizing layers of graphics, symbolism, light, greenery, and aesthetics, create a unified sense of serenity and enjoyment.

This Mirror-Light is suitable for nature-loving urban dwellers who wish to bring the essence of nature back into their homes. Urban and geometric aesthetics blend with organic and sculptural forms, bridging the worlds of the city and nature. Warm light and tranquil earth tones enrich any modern interior.

DIMENSIONS: diameter 60 cm.


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