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Modern furniture for your home!

Infuse your home with a refreshing Scandinavian breeze! Create light and harmonious spaces with modern Scandinavian furniture.

Our extensive range includes exclusive sustainable furniture and interior accessories with exceptional designs. Minimalist-style beds, contemporary tables, clothing racks, chairs, stools, poufs, consoles, easels, trays, and mirrors will subtly enhance your home.

When designing your home spaces, ask yourself a fundamental question: What truly matters to me in life? With this clarity, remove everything that is not essential, and create open spaces that inspire creativity and serenity.

Embrace the philosophy of “less is more” to craft your ideal home. Copper-toned furniture and textiles will infuse warmth, while Scandinavian-inspired ornamentation will lend an understated elegance. Opt for modern furniture crafted from natural materials, boasting clean lines that evoke a sense of lightness and modernity.

Experience the transformative power of intentional design as you curate your living spaces. Let your home reflect your values and aspirations, becoming a sanctuary that nurtures your well-being and sparks endless inspiration.

Scandinavian design emerged in the early XX century in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Norway, captivating residents of the United States and Canada in the 1950s. Today, it has gained global popularity as a sustainable interior design style. This design approach combines modern and industrial elements while incorporating traditional craftsmanship.

Scandinavian interior design is a sought-after style known for its cleanliness, delicacy, inviting atmosphere, and tranquil ambiance. It manages to be both captivating and intriguing. Many people aspire to incorporate Scandinavian style into their space, but understanding its fundamental principles is key.

For over a century, Scandinavian style has remained minimalistic, simple, functional, and accessible to individuals from all walks of life. Learning and implementing Scandinavian style in your home (and way of life) is achievable for anyone; the important thing is to grasp its core principles: minimalism, functionality, quality, craftsmanship, neutrality, natural elements, and the concept of “Hygge.”

Discover how Scandinavian design can transform your living spaces into harmonious and inviting environments that exude simplicity, functionality, and timeless beauty. Embrace the essence of Scandinavian style and create a sanctuary of comfort and aesthetic pleasure in your own home.

Minimalism and Functionality

Scandinavian design is characterized by simplicity and the philosophy of “less is more.” The interior finishes, furniture, and decor items create a harmonious whole without visual clutter, strategically arranged. When choosing new interior elements, priority is given to high-quality, functional, and natural products.

Many Scandinavian homes, like Lithuanian homes, are small, so every item in the house must be functional, necessary, and have its place. Extravagant decorative items, space-consuming furniture, and excessive clutter are not found in Scandinavian interiors.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Young creators of Scandinavian modern furniture strive to achieve perfect form that serves a function. The production of furniture relies on high-quality, natural, and sustainable materials such as wood, concrete, natural fabrics (linen and wool), clay, metal, and cork.

Scandinavian furniture is like works of art, combining elegance with simplicity. Functional and sustainable furniture is characterized by quality and durability, making an investment in a genuine masterpiece a source of joy for many years. It satisfies both aesthetic and functional needs.

Neutral Colors and Contrast

Scandinavian interiors are known for their light colors. Various shades of white are used throughout. In Scandinavia, as in Lithuania, light interior colors compensate for long dark winter days. Neutral and soft colors maintain the principles of minimalism and provide harmony to the interior. A monochromatic interior has less visual “noise.”

Contrast is used to emphasize the interior with a unique accent. For example, in a bright room, refinement is added with a vibrant rug or armchair, a bold graphic pattern, or a colorful frame for a painting. The neutral palette in this case enhances the distinctive accent of the room. In Scandinavian interiors, you often find a contrast of white/black, while bright and vibrant colors are used sparingly.

Natural Materials in Furniture and Decor

In furniture production, high-quality, natural, and sustainable materials are used, such as wood, concrete, natural fabrics (linen and wool), clay, metal, and cork. Wood, linen, wool, and cork provide comfort and warmth to the interior, which can be complemented with a touch of cool metal or concrete.

When creating an interior, Scandinavians not only use natural materials but also try to bring as much nature as possible into their homes. Natural light sources, dried flower arrangements, and houseplants beautifully complement the interior with natural material furniture. During dark evenings, cozy fireplace light or natural candles illuminate the home.

Scandinavians prioritize environmental conservation, so their furniture and decorative items are sustainable. Sustainability means using natural materials that are sourced locally by skilled artisans. The shorter the product’s journey, the more sustainable it is.

Hygge or Slow Living

The philosophy of slow living in Danish is called Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”), which follows very simple rules and fundamental human values: togetherness, simplicity, comfort, warmth, minimalism, and order.

Scandinavian furniture and interior design are not just about aesthetics. It is a philosophy that encourages individuals to create their surroundings according to their own preferences. Comfortable and happy living is the goal of Hygge, which is the goal of every individual. Hygge homes are joyful, comfortable, and cozy, providing a space for communication and relaxation.

Embrace the Essence of Scandinavian Nature with Modern Furniture Made in Lithuania

Scandinavian design is characterized by its minimalist philosophy of ‘less is more’ and resonates closely with the natural beauty of Lithuania. This synergy inspires the creation of original, ascetic Scandinavian-style furniture crafted by our talented young designers and artisans who skillfully integrate traditional craftsmanship into modern design.

Experience the allure of Scandinavian aesthetics and bring the essence of this style into your home. Our exquisite collection of furniture and interior details can be conveniently purchased online. For items in stock, we ensure prompt delivery within 14 working days to various European countries, while made-to-order products are typically delivered within 8 weeks from the date of order submission.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious simplicity and timeless elegance of Scandinavian design meticulously crafted in Lithuania. Each piece showcases the perfect fusion of form and function, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Discover the artistry of Lithuanian craftsmanship combined with the essence of Scandinavian design. Transform your living space with our thoughtfully designed modern furniture, meticulously created to elevate your home with its distinctive allure and functional versatility.

Indulge in the seamless blend of Lithuanian and Scandinavian design and enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Explore our exceptional collection today and create an ambiance of refined beauty and tranquility in your home.

Iš arti. Detalės, kurios atlieka didelį ir svarbų vaidmenį.
Miegamojo lovos kojelės iš pirmo žvilgsnio gali pasirodyti tik detalė. Tačiau NORDY miegamojo lovos kojelės – tikras akcentas traukiantis dėmesį. Iš toli kojelės gali priminti įprastą apvalią formą. Tačiau neabejojame, jog tik žvilgtelėjus į NORDY lovos kojeles, žvilgsnį norėsis išlaikyti ilgiau. 
NORDY miegamojo lovos kojelės kurtos specialia gamybine technologija. Viena į kitą sunertos plieno juostos užtikrina stabilumą, tvirtumą ir simbolizuoja 4 pasaulio kryptis: šiaurę, pietus, vakarus ir rytus.
Įkvėpimams nebūtinai reikia tolimiausių kelionių. Manome, jog įkvėpimai ateina, kai mažiausiai jų tikimės ir sugebame pažvelgti į kasdienybę naujai.

CUBUS valgomajame stale akcentuojamas dizaino geometriškumas ir pabrėžiamas neplonintas stalviršis. Visai kaip išraiškingose Kauno modernistinės architektūros linijose. Kauną vadiname gimtuoju IDDO miestu - jame vyksta mūsų kūrybos ir gamybos darbai, tad tarp modernistinės architektūros pastatų sukamės kone kasdien. Tačiau prireikė laiko pasivaikščioti lėtu žingsniu ir iš naujo pamatyti išskirtinės architektūros detales, prie kurių bėgant laikui jau spėjo priprasti mūsų akys.

Linkime net ir skubant bent trumpam užversti galvą į viršų. Juk niekada negali žinoti už kurio kampo gali slypėti didžiausi įkvėpimai!
Fotosesijos procesuose saulės spindulių lepinama riešuto ąžuolo NORDY miegamojo lova.
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Pristatome paskutinę naujų medžio spalvų naujieną - lengvai natūralus ąžuolas (LNO).

Tai spalva, kurią išvystumėte tik ką nulupus ąžuolo žievę. Manome, jog natūralumui negalioja jokios tendencijos. Atspalvis, kuris ilgaamžiškai išlaikys savo tikrą, natūralią medžio spalvą ir nepraras aktualumo bėgant laikui. Pasirinkimas teikiantiems pirmenybę visiškam natūralumui, estetikai ir ilgamažiškumui. 

Šis apdailos pasirinkimas ne tik kaimo sodybai. Lengvai natūralaus ąžuolo miegamojo baldai kurs jaukią atmosferą ir moderniame lofte prie jūros.
Jūsų dėmesiui - tamsaus ąžuolo masyvo derinimo inspiracijos!
Spalvų asortimentas pasipildo gintaro ąžuolo atspalviu, amber oiled oak (AO)!

Atspalvio įkvėptas Baltijos pajūrio “aukso” susidarusio iš sustingusių spygliuočių augalų sakų. Gintaras, tai organinė medžiaga, dar žinomas, kaip skaidri biologinė fosilija, kuri yra lyg mūsų tautinis ir kultūrinis palikimas, savyje talpinanti nesuskaičiuojamą kiekį atspalvių. Gintaro ąžuolo spalva atitinka standartinį įprastą gelsvai oranžinį gintarą, rudeninius auksinius lapus.

Puikiai derės su rudų ir žalių atspalvių detalėmis.
Simplistinio dizaino įkvėpta PAPRASTA kabykla.

Skandinaviškame interjere didelis dėmesys yra skiriamas ne tik minimalistiniam požiūriui į daiktų vartojimą, bet ir jų laikymą. Pradžioje minimalistinio stiliaus gerbėjų pamėgtos, šiandien atviros drabužių kabyklos jau vis dažniau keičia masyvias ir daug vietos užimančias medines rūbų spintas. Esame tikri – tai ne trumpalaikė tendencija. 

Atvira metalinė kabykla užima mažiau vietos, suteikia erdvei lengvumo pojūtį, o drabužiai tarsi atlieka interjero detalės funkciją.
Dar viena spalva papildžiusi mūsų medžio apdailų paletę - Raudono molio arba terakotos ąžuolas, terracotta oiled oak (TO).

Spalva, kurioje galima įžvelgti deginto oranžinio ir rausvo kreidinio tinko užuomazgas. Plati tonų paletė vienoje spalvoje atspindi turtingas žemės gėlmes, iš kurių ši spalva ir yra kilusi. Terakotinis molis yra šimtmečio senumo medžiaga plačiai naudojama skulptūroms, puodams, architektūros apdailai. Tai gana ryškus, gilus atspalvis, savyje talpinantis šiltas rudas ir rausvas spalvas.

Tonas, neabejotinai, pripildantis erdvę šiluma ir jaukumu.
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